The University Of South Carolina Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers information to assist entrepreneurs.   This includes the regional SBA website, and useful Internet links. Examples include:

Business Start-Up Info CD

The following files are all available for personal download only. These files are the same files distributed on the Small Business Resource CD.

Description of File Last Revision
Business License Contacts 06-01-2010
Business Plan Outline 06-01-2010
Appropriate Business Plan Text Sizes 06-01-2010
Business Start-Up Info CD Outline 06-01-2010
General SBDC Information 06-01-2010
Internet Resources 06-01-2010
Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks 06-01-2010
Small Business Planning and Resource Guide 06-01-2010

South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

The  South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a resource partner of the SBDC and a nationally recognized assessment tool, provides an on-site, systematic evaluation of a manufacturer's operations, measuring performance against globally competitive criteria.

South Carolina Business One Stop (SCBOS)

SCBOS is an award-winning website that is designed to reduce the typical amount of time and paperwork necessary to start a new business in the state. SCBOS is truly a comprehensive resource for South Carolina businesses, allowing business owners to register and obtain permits and licensing, as well as file and pay taxes. SCBOS also provides information and resources for entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance in opening a business in South Carolina.

Free Online Training from A Sister SBDC

Entrepreneurs can learn anytime by accessing our affiliate, KSBDC's no-cost courses. Learn strategies and solutions to help you manage, operate, and build your business. Each of the courses take between 30-120 minutes to complete. They contain audio, high-end graphics, case studies and worksheets.  KSBDC Online Courses in English and Spanish

How to Pay Business Debts You Can’t Afford

Educational Podcasts

Created by experienced SBDC consultants, for the benefit of small business owners.
These are informative Podcasts on helpful subjects.


More Links - Index

These pages include links to internet sites that the aspiring or existing small business person may find helpful.  Click on a category above or below to see links. The sites listed are not affiliated with the SBDC and do not represent the opinion of the SBDC or the SBDC personnel.  To do a keyword search, use your browser's Find function (e. g. Internet Explorer: Edit – Find) and type in a key word.

Top Sites
Chamber of Commerce
Business Plan
Internet Marketing
Home-based Business
Market Research

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