The following brief educational podcasts are brought to you by the Charleston Area Small Business Development Center in conjunction with the Georgia Small Business Development Center.  Each information package recording is three to six minutes in length. 

Brief Audio Recordings

    Navigating the Tax Trust Fund Maze
    Surviving Cash Flow Crisis
    An Effective Elevator Speech
    When Disaster Strikes
    Free Money
    Recipe For Success
    Your Credit, Your Character
    Choosing a Company Retirement Plan
    Hire Right the First Time
    Employees vs. Independent Contractors
    Customer Mailing Lists
    Business Survival in Tough Times
    Mission Possible: Focus on Success
    Exporting - Myths & Realities
    Juggling Small Business Growth
    Look Before You Leap into a Website
    Making Your Business Day Longer
    Create a Motivating Work Environment
    Hoax Busters
    How to Build Value in a Business
    Marketing on the Internet

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