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Doing business with the local, state, or federal government can be complicated.

The Small Business Development Center Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) is designed to help businesses compete for government contracts.  Procurement counselors are available to help assess whether your business is ready to fill government contracts and guide you through the process, if your business is eligible.  Procurement specialists are located in the main office at 2430 Mall Drive Ste 155 in North Charleston.  Personalized assistance in learning how to do business with Federal, State or Local government is provided.  Appointments are required.  Schedule your appointment by calling the administrative assistant at 843-740-6160 between 9 a.m.  and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.   

Prior to entering into a government contract, a small business owner should consider whether or not the company has (a) the capacity to fill the contract, (b) the resources required to acquire the inventory, and (c) the personnel to execute the process. Typically, a small business must have been in business  --successfully -- for a minimum of two years before it is qualified to do business with the government.  If you are a new business, your best approach is most likely to subcontract with prime contractors.

Typically, procurement assistance includes development of a marketing plan and access to a computer matching service, which offers a complete description of U.S. Government procurement invitations for federal agencies. Matches between South Carolina businesses and federal government solicitations are made on the basis of client profiles developed for each SBDC client.  In addition, there are several programs that procurement clients may join that will greatly increase their chances for obtaining government contracts.  These programs are offered for a small fee.

Additional information can be found at the SBA web site on government contracting.  For further assistance in the USC region, contact the following specialists for an appointment.


Office Location


Linda Blanton


(843) 740-6160

Steven Taylor


(843) 740-6160


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